LazyStack SaaS Platform Features

The LazyStack SaaS platform builds and updates your multi-tenant Software as a Service application. It performs two essential tasks:

  • Building and deploying tenant resources when tenants are on-boarded
  • Building and deploying application resources when code or system configuration changes
    Multi-tenant features:
    • Tenant self-onboarding
    • Tenant data is fully isolated
    • Multiple Apps Supported, for example:
      • Admin App
      • Employee App
      • Consumer App
    • Tenant apps each have their own CloudFront distribution
      • Highest performance
      • Increased security
      • Custom domain or subdomains may be used for each tenant app
      • Supports bespoke client apps - even apps authored by the tenant
      • Each App may call different backend-services
      • Each tenant app may reference tenant specific assets
  • DevOps features:
    • LazyStack GitHub App integrates repositories with CI/CD pipelines
    • Automated configuration and deployment of Serverless AWS services like:
      • Cognito - user sign-up, sign-in etc.
      • API Gateways - REST endpoints that call resources like Lambda Functions
      • Lambdas - serverless functions
      • DynamoDB - NoSQL database service
      • CloudFront - Content Delivery Network service
      • Route53 - domain name and routing management service
      • EventBridge - enterprise service bus service
      • Simple Queue Service - event queue service
      • Step Functions - state machine service
      • Secrets Manager - secure secret management service
      • CloudWatch logs - logging service
      • CodeBuild - build application code on AWS virtual machines
      • CloudFormation - resource deployment service
    • Customer can edit/enhance CI/CD pipelines