Developer Sandbox

Each developer has their own "sandbox" AWS Account. This account fully isolates the developer resources from other developers resources, and the resources used in Test and Production accounts. The key concept here is that AWS Accounts isolate resources. Since serverless stacks do not incur significant cost unless they are being exercised, there is no downside to providing each developer with their own AWS Account. As a general rule, it requires a very intentional configuration to enable resources to be shared across AWS Accounts and this is only necessary in fairly complex situations that don't usually occur when building serverless stacks.

From a Developer's perspective, their development environment looks like this:

Using LazyStack, Developer's may develop and test serverless stacks on their local workstation, then publish the serverless stack to their AWS Account and further test it there.

Developers use a Git based collaboration process. See Developer Workflow for a detailed discussion of this process.