Clone the LazyStack Repository

In this lesson step we will create the LazyStackTutorial folder and clone the LazyStack GitHub repository into LazyStackTutorial\LazyStack. Our tutorial projects will reference the LazyStackAuth and LazyStackDynamoDBRepo projects in the LazyStack repository. In production applications you may reference the corresponding NuGet packages instead. Having access to the source projects in the demo allows the curious to delve into their implementation.

1.1 Create LazyStackTutorial folder

Create a LazyStackTutorial folder. We will be creating Visual Studio solutions under this folder. A typical location for this folder on Windows is "C:\Users\User\source\Repos\LazyStackTutorial" where User is your Windows user name.

1.2 Clone LazyStack repository

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. CD into the LazyStackTutorial folder.
  3. Issue the following git command:
    git clone
    The LazyStack folder is created.

Step Summary

In this lesson step we created a LazyStackTutorial folder and used git to clone the LazyStack repository.