LazyStack Tutorial

This tutorial assumes the use of Windows Visual Studio IDE 2022 or newer. It is robust and meant to touch on all the important aspects of building a real application stack and core components of a client application that calls that stack. We use the ubiquitous OpenApi PetStore sample specification with a few changes necessary to illustrate important AWS/LazyStack features.

Here are the tutorial lessons:

  1. Clone LazyStack Repository
  2. Create PetStore solution
  3. Create PetRepo Project
  4. Implement Controllers
  5. Configure LazyStack
  6. Publish Stack to AWS
  7. Test local WebApi
  8. Create a PetStoreTest project
  9. Create a Console App

Lessons 1-6 are mandatory. The remaining lessons are optional and can be done in any order.

It may take between 1 and 3 hours to complete the tutorial.

For a fast review, you can simply clone the repos from GitHub and explore the code as you read through the tutorial lessons.

Grab The Code for Quick Review

If you are NOT going to perform the tutorial lessons, you can use the following steps to grab the code for review.

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Create a LazyStackTutorial folder. On a Windows machine you would typically create this folder under C:\Users\User\source\repos
  3. CD into the LazyStackTutorial folder.
  4. Issue this git command to get the LazyStack Libraries repository:
    git clone
  5. Issue this git command to get the PetStore Solution:
    git clone