LazyStack Tools Tutorials

These tutorials introduce the LazyStack tools through the development of a robust serverless stack along with client application(s) that call that stack. We use the ubiquitous OpenApi PetStore sample specification with a few enhancements illustrating important AWS/LazyStack features.

Tutorial Tracks

LazyStack Libraries

LazyStack provides a GitHub repository with libraries that support LazyStack generated AWS Stacks. Two key libraries are used in this tutorial:

  • LazyStackAuth - state driven user authentication against AWS Cognito
  • LazyStackDynamoDBRepo - simplified access to the AWS DynamoDB NoSQL database

You will clone the LazyStack GitHub repository so you may reference these libraries from the tutorial projects. This allows you to debug into these libraries and better understand the features they provide. For production applications, there are NuGet packages for these libraries you can reference instead.