Step 5 ) Create Developer Account(s)

- Organization Setup complete
- Unique Email address (or alias) to use for Developer Account
Estimated Time: 2 minutes
Estimated Cost: none
Perform this step on the Management Workstation.

In this step we will run the LzNewDevAcct.ps1 script to create a new Developer AWS Sandbox Member Account belonging to the AWS organization and move this account into the DevOU Organizational Unit. The AWS Account will have a IAM Policy Group called Developers. The Developers Group will have two policies: PowerUsersAccess and IAMUserCredsPolicy. PowerUsersAccess is an AWS Management Policy. IAMUserCredsPolicy is created by this script from the provided IAMUserCredsPolicy.json file.

Sometimes managing a developer's AWS Account is optional!

Developers do not always have to have an AWS Account to contribute to your application. They only need to be able to make PR requests against an GitHub repository referenced by one of your Systems. In addition, they could use their developer workstation to publish a Serverless Stack directly to any AWS Account in which they have sufficient administrative rights to do so. This can make it easy to have sub-contractors make contributions to your codebase without your having to manage their AWS Accounts. However, if the Serverless Stacks being deployed require accessing "shared" resources in other accounts you do manage, it is best practice to allow that access only from developer AWS Accounts you manage.

Configuration Steps
  1. Open a PowerShell terminal.

  2. CD into the LazyStackSettings folder.

  3. Execute the LzNewDevAcct.ps1 script:
    Here is a script run with sample inputs:
    LzNewDevAccount.ps1 - V1.0.0
    This script adds a developer account to the Dev Organizational Unit.
    It also adds a Admin Access Profile so this workstation can administer the new Account.
    Note: Press return to accept a default value.
    OrgCode: LzStk
    AWS Management Account: LzStkMgmt
    Enter Region (default us-east-1):
    Enter the Developer's Handle (ex: Joe): Joe
    Enter the Developer's Account Name (default: LzStkDevJoe):
    Enter the Developer's IAM User Name (default: LzStkDevJoe):
    Note: An email address can only be associated with one AWS Account.
    Enter an Email Address for the new account's Root User:
    Please Review and confirm the following:
        OrgCode: LzStk
        Management Account Profile: LzStkMgmt
        Development OU: DevOU
        Development Account to be created: LzStkDevJoe
        Development Account IAM User Name: LzStkDevJoe
        Email Address for Account's Root User:
    Continue y/n: y
    Processing Starting
    - Creating Developer Account LzStkDevJoe
    - Checking for successful account creation. TryCount=1
    - LzStkDevJoe account creation successful., AccountId: 123456789012 
    - Moving LzStkDevJoe account to DevOU Organizational Unit
    Adding  profile and associating it with the  profile.
    - Adding policy IAMuserCredsPolicy
    - Creating Developers group in the LzStkDevJoe account 
    - Adding PowerUserAccess Policy to Developers group
    - Adding IAMUserCredsPolicy to Developers group 
    - Creating IAM User LzStkDevJoe in LzStkDevJoe account.
    - Writing the IAM User Creds into LzStkDevJoe_credentials.txt
    - Adding IAM User LzStkDevJoe to the LzStkDevJoe Account Developers group.
    Processing Complete
    Send the LzStkDevJoe_credentials.txt file to the Developer or use it yourself if you are also that developer.
    The file contains the URL to login to the AWS Account LzStkDevJoe and the initial password (password reset
    required on first login) for the IAM User LzStkDevJoe.
Step Summary

In this step we used the Dev_Account_Create.ps1 script to create a new Dev Account and move that account into the Dev Organizational Unit. The script also created a Developers group and in the new Dev Account, created a new IAM User for the developer and assigned that IAM User to the Developers group.