Why AWS Serverless Application Model?

  • Ability to signup/manage large numbers of users for free. Cognito allows 50,000 Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) before you start paying for user management activities like Sign-up, Sign-in, Reset-Password, Update Email and more. This allows mobile apps to be widely used before costs start to accrue. Our assumption, here at LazyStack, is that you should have a pretty good idea of how successful your mobile app will be before you hit 50,000 MAU and may even have some monetization from your app to offset cloud hosting costs by that time.

  • Encryption-at-rest is free in the DynamoDB. Encryption-at-rest is absolutely necessary for any application that wants to comply with existing and emerging data privacy regulations. Even on AWS RDS, encryption at rest is not available in the free-tier services.

Please note, that in our opinion, both Google and Azure are also great IaaS providers and we may implement LazyStack support for those providers in the future. However, our mission is to allow developers to quickly field mobile applications using scalable cloud based resources at the lowest initial cost, without sacrificing security, scalability or features; we could do this only on AWS when we started this project.

Our focused passion is automating stacks based on the .NET/AWS marriage; hopefully we can help those of you who need or want to use that powerful combination as well. We are aware that PaaS pricing and features change all the time in the “cloud wars” so be sure to check on current pricing and features before picking the best cloud provider for your application stack and be sure to let us know what you find if any “game-changers” emerge.