LazyStackDynamoDBRepo Overview

LazyStack includes the LazyStackDynamoDBRepo project template. This project library provides a generalized model for CRUDL operations on the AWS DynamoDB service. This library is used in the LazyStack Tutorial. Since LazyStackDynamoDBRepo is a bit of a mouthful, we will refer to the library as the DynamoDBRepo in this documentation section.

We often use the AWS DynamoDB NoSQL database in simple stacks because it provides encryption-at-rest, scalability, doesn’t require a VPC, and is competitively priced even at scale. However, using a NoSQL database requires a somewhat different skill-set than is required for SQL databases.

We always start our application design with the development of a data model - often expressed as an Entity Relationship (“ER”) model.

Creating a NoSQL database from an ER model is much more involved that creating a SQL database from that same model. We will

In this section we will discuss a very generic approach to translating an ER model into data stored in a DynamoDB table and how to query against that table with the DynamoDBRepo library.