LazyStack AWS Software Management Framework

The LazyStack SMF provides an end-to-end Software Management Framework integrating AWS Services, GitHub Services, and LazyStack developer tools. A configured SMF Organization looks like this:

We provide clear documentation for setting up the SMF and automate much of that process with PowerShell scripts. The diagram below outlines the SMF Setup.

Once your SMF is setup, your team follows a simple feature development workflow using GitHub Pull Requests augmented with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in the System Test Account and Continuous Deployment in the System Production Account.

Feature Branch Workflow with GitHub Pull Requests

Here is a more detailed step-by-step description of the Feature Branch Workflow integration using the GitHub UI and the Visual Studio IDE.

AWS Organization Overview

Use the LazyStack SMF to manage simple single stack systems or more complex organizations with multiple systems containing multiple stacks.

Single Organization with one System containing one Serverless Stack

Single Organization with one System containing two Serverless Stacks

Client apps connecting to Developer and System Test accounts not shown to reduce clutter.

Single Organization with two Systems