ProjectOptions Directive

Warning - Escaped Characters

LazyStack is using yaml files to hold configuration information. You should be aware of and avoid side effects of string handling differences between Yaml and the XML format used in Microsoft .csproj files.

From the yaml specification:

5.7. Escaped Characters

All non-printable characters must be escaped. YAML escape sequences use the “\” notation common to most modern computer languages. Each escape sequence must be parsed into the appropriate Unicode character. The original escape sequence is a presentation detail and must not be used to convey content information. Note that escape sequences are only interpreted in double-quoted scalars. In all other scalar styles, the “\” character has no special meaning and non-printable characters are not available.

This is important when adding references and other strings containing backslash characters to your yaml files. Consider the following ProjectReferences example:

    - ..\..\PetStoreRepo\PetStoreRepo.csproj

The string is not quoted! If you did use double quotes for this string, the backslash would be interpreted as an escape prefikx - not what you wanted! If you have spaces in your string, you may use single quotes instead of double quotes.