Step 1) Create GitHub Account

Prerequisites: See Preparation Checklist
Estimated Time: 2 - 5 minutes
Estimated Cost: none
Perform this step on the Management Workstation.

In this step we will create/configure a GitHub Account, GitHub Organization.

GitHub Account

A GitHub account is required by LazyStack SMF. That account will have administrative rights on repositories created in your GitHub Organization that participate in the LazyStack SMF processes. LazyStack SMF requires you to configure a GitHub Organization.

GitHub Organizations

GitHub allows you create an Organization. This allows your team to collaborate across many projects while managing access to projects and data and customizing settings for your organization.

GitHub Repositories

Generally, you create one GitHub repository for each serverless stack in your AWS Organization. See the User Guide GitHub Organization Integration page for more details. You will create a PetStore repository in your account for the Tutorial System created during the SMF Setup. In addition, you will create a

Configuration Steps
  1. Visit Join GitHub to create a GitHub Account if you don't already have one.

  2. Log in to your GitHub Account and create an Organization if you don't already have one.

  3. Install a Git client if you do not already have one installed.
    When prompted, select "main" as the default branch name. This is the new standard, replacing the old default of "master". Accept all other defaults unless you know why you are selecting a non-default value.

  4. Install "gh" as described here here.

  5. Create the LazyStackSmfUtil and PetStore project in your GitHubOrg
    1. Open a command terminal and issue this gh command:
      gh auth login
      Follow the instructions to authenticate your workstation with GitHub
    2. Issue this gh command (edit the GitHubOrgName):
      gh repo create GitHubOrgName/LazyStackSmfUtil --private --confirm --template InSciCo/LazyStackSmfUtil 
    3. Issue this gh command (edit the GitHubOrgName):
      gh repo create GitHubOrgName/PetStore --private --confirm --template InSciCo/PetStore 

Step Summary

In this step we created/configured a GitHub Account and GitHub Organization.