LazyStack .NET CLI Tutorial

This tutorial assumes the use of .NET 5.0 SDK. It is robust and meant to touch on all the important aspects of building a real application stack and core components of a client application that calls that stack. We use the ubiquitous OpenApi PetStore sample specification with a few changes necessary to illustrate important AWS/LazyStack features.

Here are the tutorial lessons:

  1. Create PetStore solution
  2. Implement Controllers
  3. Configure LazyStack
  4. Publish Stack to AWS
  5. Test local WebApi
  6. Create a PetStoreTests project
  7. Create a Console App

Lessons 1-4 are mandatory. Lessons 5-7 are optional and can be done in any order.

It may take between 1 and 3 hours to complete the tutorial.

For a fast review, you can simply clone the LazyStackTutorial repo from GitHub and explore the code as you read through the tutorial lessons.