Why Choose LazyStack?

The LazyStack team did not invent any of the technologies described in this technology overview. What we did do was assemble and orchestrate a broad swath of key technologies and best-practices together into one cohesive end-to-end software development, testing, and deployment process to make getting to market with a new mobile or web app faster.

In our experience, this level of technology and best-practice integration can typically take a new practitioner months to master. With LazyStack they can get started, with confidence, in days.

We are focused on building a community of LazyStack users that can collaborate to improve LazyStack for everyone using it.

Free - Forever

The LazyStack SMF is MIT licensed and available in the GitHub LazyStackSMF repository.

A free version of the LazyStack MDD tools are available as a Visual Studio Extension and as a .NET Core CLI tool. We will continue to enhance and publish the free version going forward to support small business and entrepreneur efforts to field commercial grade applications quickly at a very low cost.

We provide MIT licensed libraries supporting LazyStack deployments in the GitHub LazyStack repository

No Lock In

  • Maintenance - The stack configurations and generated code can be manually maintained and enhanced so there is no code "lock-in".
  • No Proprietary Dependencies - The stack configurations and generated code produced by the LazyStack Generator have no proprietary LazyStack dependencies.
  • MIT Licensed Libraries - We maintain the LazyStack repository on GitHub containing libraries and utilities primarily focused on supporting LazyStack generated clients and stacks. Everything in the LazyStackLibs repository is published under the very permissive open-source MIT license.

Enterprise Version in Development

An Enterprise version of the LazyStack Generator, with features far beyond those in the free version, is in development. The Enterprise version features will serve the needs of larger organizations with very sophisticated requirements. However, we are committed to support the needs of the entrepreneur in the free version as well!

Bespoke Development

We also offer bespoke development and consulting to help you improve your software management practices. Give us a shout if you think we might be able to help.