LazyStack Model Driven Development Tools

LazyStack is a Model Driven Development tool that ingests an OpenApi (swagger) REST API specification and generates the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) template and the C# AWS Lambda projects necessary to stand up a fully featured commercial-grade application stack in AWS. It also generates a client application SDK making it simple to call that stack from C# applications.

LazyStack developer tools include:

  • LazyStack Generator - Free Visual Studio IDE Extension, and Free .NET CLI Tool
  • LazyStackAuth - MIT Licensed authentication library
  • LazyStackDynamoDBRepo - MIT Licensed CRUDL library for DynamoDB

Here is the process flow for the LazyStack Generator:

For a typical serverless stack, you team only supplies the OpenAPI Specification, LazyStack Directives, and Controller Implementations. All the other projects and plumbing are generated. There is no proprietary code in any of the generated infrastructure. The optional AWS Template makes it possible to build and use more complex AWS infrastructure when necessary.

Cornerstone Technologies

LazyStack builds on these cornerstone technologies: