LazyStack Technical Overview

The LazyStack team assembled and orchestrated a broad swath of key technologies and best-practices together into one cohesive end-to-end software development, testing, and deployment process to make getting to market with a new mobile or web app faster.

In our experience, this level of technology and best-practice integration can typically take a new practitioner months to master. With LazyStack they can get started, with confidence, in days.

Use LazyStack to build AWS Serverless Stacks with .NET Lambdas called from C# or TypeScript clients.

LazyStack is comprised of the following:

  • LazyStack Software Management Framework (SMF)
    Scripts, templates, and instructions to setup a complete Software Development, Testing and Deployment collaboration tool chain on AWS and GitHub.

  • LazyStack Model Driven Development (MDD)
    LazyStack ingests an OpenApi (swagger) REST API specification and generates the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) template and the C# AWS Lambda projects necessary to stand up a fully featured commercial-grade application stack in AWS. It also generates a C# or TypeScript client application SDK. Calling your stack from a Mobile or Web app is simple.

  • LazyStack Libraries
    • LazyStackAuth - MIT Licensed authentication library
    • LazyStackDynamoDBRepo - MIT Licensed CRUDL library for DynamoDB

  • LazyStack tutorials
    • Visual Studio for Windows
    • Visual Studio for Mac
    • .NET CLI

  • Comprehensive User Guide
    • Software Management Framework
    • Model Driven Development
    • Client SDK
    • LazyStack Libraries