Collaborate with LazyStack SMF

LazyStack Software Management Framework (SMF) provides a complete end-to-end software development management tool-chain tailored to and integrated seamlessly with AWS and GitHub.

The LazyStack SMF helps ensure your team is collaborating effectively on delivering new features and code fixes to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The LazyStack SMF provides the tools, templates, scripts, practices, and examples necessary to implement the tool-chain quickly and with confidence that it complies with industry best-practices.

A Software Management Framework you can Grow

The LazyStack SMF allows you to start with a simple systems comprised of a single serverless stack and then easily grow as needed to develop more complex systems.

At the heart of the SMF is support for a simple and effective feature oriented development process. This process empowers your to team to collaborate on feature development, approval and deployment in a consistent and easily managed process.