Accelerate Development with LazyStack MDD

LazyStack Model Driven Development brings three great technologies together to deliver .NET apps at the lowest cost and fastest time-to-market.

LazyStack accelerates software development using Model Driven Development (MDD). MDD ingests application requirements (the Model) and generates application configurations and code. MDD encompasses a wide spectrum of tools from "No Code", "Low Code" to "Code Generators".

  • No Code Tools
    No Code Tools allow a business user to create applications from a UI without having to write a single line of "code"; they are great for simple applications where all of the required "building blocks" of the application have been anticipated by the No Code Vendor. No Code tools are a good choice for development of simple apps with limited functionality; but these apps do not, in general, scale well or allow for "secret sauce".

  • Low Code Tools
    Low Code Tools allow a "Citizen Developer" to create most of an application from a simple UI and provide some code where required "building blocks" of the application are either missing or need to be enhanced to fit the application requirement. Low Code tools are a good choice for development of complex apps; but these tools, in general, lock you into proprietary and expensive vendor solutions.

  • Code Generator Tools
    Code Generator Tools generate code and configurations in a prescriptive fashion so to save the developer or network engineer time. You see dividends in feature development cadence, code reliability and code performance. Code generators are generally used to produce code and configuration that would be complex, tedious, and repetitive to write and maintain by hand. A big advantage for code generation, is that when a bug is found, fixing the generator and rerunning it provably fixes all occurrences of that that bug. Code Generator tools are, in general, widely used, open source, and often free to use.

LazyStack is a Code Generator Tool that generates and maintains .NET code and AWS configurations based on the content of a OpenAPI specification document (the model). It is open-source, free, and it enables your development team to use the popular Microsoft .NET platform with AWS Cloud Services. LazyStack brings three great technologies together to deliver AWS .NET Serverless applications at the lowest cost and fastest time-to-market.

With LazyStack, you can add all the "secret sauce" you want and scale like crazy.

Just a "little bit" Technical

The diagram below provides a high level overview of the how all these pieces fit together to stand up a AWS Serverless Stack servicing a client application. Note the stars that indicate where code and configuration generated by LazyStack is used.

The application code and template is regenerated when the specification document is updated or the code generation "pattern" is improved. This increases the responsiveness of the development process to changing requirements in features or underlying technologies. Model Driven Development reduces initial code development costs and ongoing code maintenance costs.