LazyStack Business Stakeholder Overview

The LazyStack team assembled and orchestrated a broad swath of key technologies and best-practices together into one cohesive end-to-end software development, testing, and deployment process to make getting to market with a new mobile or web app faster.

In our experience, this level of technology and best-practice integration can typically take a new practitioner months to master. With LazyStack they can get started, with confidence, in days.

LazyStack is comprised of the following:

  • LazyStack Software Management Framework (SMF)
  • LazyStack Model Driven Development (MDD)
  • LazyStack open source libraries
  • LazyStack tutorials and user guide

Diverse Clients

LazyStack generates C# and TypeScript libraries so your team can build your client app using many great client tools, all calling the same rock-solid AWS Serverless Stack.

LazyStack SMF

Setting up secure AWS Organizations and accounts correctly the first time can be tricky. LazyStack SMF sets up AWS services and security infrastructure according to AWS best practices.

LazyStack SMF has extensive documentation that serves as a “blueprint” for a development shop wanting to get started with AWS/.NET serverless application development. The LazyStack SMF is comprised of PowerShell management scripts and CloudFormation templates that automate everything that can be automated in setting up and managing a comprehensive serverless stack development pipeline using AWS Services and GitHub. LazyStack SMF also works seamlessly with our LazyStack Model Driven Development (MDD) tool.

Our mission is to be a "startup in a box".

The LazyStack Software Management Framework (SMF) ensures your collaborative development process, test process, and production deployments are managed efficiently and securely.

LazyStack MDD

LazyStack Model Driven Development (MDD) reduces development costs, improve development agility, and decrease time to market for your products.

LazyStack MDD demystifies the complexities of AWS services and security infrastructure by providing concrete implementations of these services and a prescriptive approach to using them to build AWS Serverless Applications. This reduces the technical risks and costs associated with adopting AWS as your Serverless Application cloud platform.

LazyStack MDD ingests an OpenAPI Rest specification and generates C# or TypeScript ClientSDK libraries, .NET Lambda projects and the AWS Serverless stack configuration necessary to stand up a commercial grade stack on AWS.

Your team provides the OpenApi specification and edits the LazyStack directives file. LazyStack MDD then generates the AWS Serverless template, Lambda Projects, and Controller Projects for your Serverless Stack. Your team then provides the controller method implementations expressing the business logic of your application.

The most difficult and error-prone elements of your Serverless Stack are generated for you from tried and true templates that adhere to AWS Best Practices.

Why did we build LazyStack?

Technical Entrepreneurs generally have more ideas than capital. LazyStack makes it easier to bring a fully functional application stack to market at a very low development and operational cost so more of these ideas can be market tested until viable monetization is demonstrable. The recent “Fail Fast” mantra does have some merit, but only if your application attempt doesn’t fail in the technical sense. LazyStack generates commercial grade production stacks that both support rapid prototype development and are robust enough for production apps. Generated code truly lets us have our cake and eat it too.

A Technical Entrepreneur may be a single person or a team where the aggregate skill-sets include product definition, product development, product testing, product marketing/sales and product support. We leave general business management and capital raise out of this definition because it is often necessary to demonstrate an app with modest market acceptance before you can raise capital to scale up.

We would also observe that even in larger organizations it is sometimes a “skunk works” team that fits our definition of Technical Entrepreneur.

So, why the name: LazyStack? Hlade's Law states: "If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person; they will find an easier way to do it". Code generation is the easy way to accomplish robust stack deployment. Frankly, we wouldn't want to handwrite any of this code ever again and we can't imagine you'd want to either.