Installation Overview

LazyStack install is broken up into two independent components:

  • Configure Software Management Framework (SMF)
    Setup an AWS Organization supporting multiple developers collaborating through GitHub with GitHub Pull Requests. Provide application test accounts supporting Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Provide application production accounts with Continuous Deployment. The workstation on which this setup is run is called the "Management Workstation" and will be configured with a number of LazyStack automation scripts to make creating and managing your AWS Organization a snap. A Development Workstation can also be a Management Workstation.

  • Configure Development Workstation
    Setup a developer's workstation with AWS and LazyStack tools to develop and test serverless stacks.
    Note: Any workstation with access to an AWS Account with Administrative access may install and use the LazyStack tools. It is recommended, but not necessary, to perform the SMF configuration to create and manage Developer Accounts and then configure the developer's workstation to use that AWS Account and LazyStack Tools.

Free - Forever

A free version of the LazyStack Generator is available as a Visual Studio Extension and as a .NET Core CLI tool. We will continue to enhance and publish the free version going forward to support small business and entrepreneur efforts to field commercial grade applications quickly at a very low cost.

No Lock In

  • Maintenance - The stack configurations and generated code can be manually maintained and enhanced so there is no code "lock-in".
  • No Proprietary Dependencies - The stack configurations and generated code produced by the LazyStack Generator have no proprietary LazyStack dependencies.
  • MIT Licensed Libraries - We maintain the LazyStackLibs repository on GitHub containing libraries and utilities primarily focused on supporting LazyStack generated clients and stacks. Everything in the LazyStackLibs repository is released under the very permissive open-source MIT license.

Enterprise Version in Development

An Enterprise version of the LazyStack Generator, with features far beyond those in the free version, is in development. The Enterprise version features will serve the needs of larger organizations with very sophisticated requirements. However, we are committed to support the needs of the entrepreneur in the free version as well!

AWS Service Costs

Most services have "caps" on usage beyond which costs will accrue. In addition, some services are in the free tier only for the first 12 months of usage. Review the AWS pricing pages to understand these pricing models and budget accordingly.