Configure Developer Workstation

The LazyStack Development Tools run on your development workstation. We provide integrations for the Visual Studio IDE and .NET Command Line Tool. Most editors, like Visual Studio Code, provide a means to call the .NET CLI through the editor's UI so you can also tailor your editor to use the LazyStack tools easily.

Note: Any workstation with access to an AWS Account with Administrative access may install and use the LazyStack tools. If you are installing the dev tools on the SMF AWS Management Workstation, it is recommended, but not necessary, to perform the SMF configuration prior to installing the LazyStack tools and performing the LazyStack Tutorial. If you are installing on a development only workstation, you do not need to perform the SMF install.


  • Dev WS Step 1 - Developer Profile Setup
  • Dev WS Step 2 - .NET CLI Tool Setup
  • Dev WS Step 3 - Visual Studio IDE (Windows)
  • Dev WS Step 4 - Visual Studio IDE (MacOS)