Software Management Framework
Coordinate your team with GitHub Pull Requests driving Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of test and production stacks.
Model Driven Development
Generate all the "plumbing code" and configuration necessary to deploy AWS Serverless Application Stacks, and client App libraries.
Serverless Computing
Automatically scale your application services based on client demand. Eliminate DevOps expense and only pay for services you use!
LazyStack started out as a passion project by a couple of nerds. We love generated code but we don't love the pricing models of existing low-code platforms (or being locked into their eco-system). This made us ask: "What if you could field an entire application using only the 'free-tier' of cloud providers". That way, you could demonstrate revenue to investors before committing serious capital. Luckily, Microsoft .Net and C# provides almost everything we need... if only we had a way of connecting it to the undisputed king of cloud: AWS. Enter 'LazyStack', our one stop shop for C# front-end/AWS back-end solutions. We now support TypeScript clients as well! Install our free Visual Studio extension and leapfrog months of development with a single click.